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  • Industrial Automation PLC
    Industrial Automation PLC
    April 19, 2024

    Amikon provides surplus parts to users of installed control systems, drives, and servo motors.    We maintain a large in-house inventory and also work as a distributor with a number of suppliers to bring you the best solution for your needs. If we don't have what you need in stock request a quote, we can often find it for you.     A timely service- we know that there are times when your needs will be incredibly urgent. This is why we focus our services on being quick, easy and efficient as we strongly believe in dealing with your requirement in an urgent manner.     Helping customers to resolve machine downtime is a prerogative of our company, aware that the interruption of production is economic damage. We offer fast solutions thanks to the commercial partnerships and to all the human and technical values of our team, we provide constant help with a consequent and significant increase in the production efficiency of the plants.       Amikon offers comprehensive supply and services for PLC systems, Servomotors, HMI's, screens, motors, System tools for CNC machines and robots from all major manufacturers.   Immediate solutions also for the most demanding customers thanks to the wide availability of discontinued products.     +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585     Hot selling models EH1*A DP97*B ANB10D-S1 ALR121-S50 S1 EP3*A PC10031 AAI141-S00 ADV151-P00 S2 ER5*B PSCAIAAN ATA4D-00 S2 AAI543-H00 S1 AAM10 SR1220E2 PW482-10 S2 ALR121-S00 S1 AAM50 AIP502 S1 ATA4S-00 S2 ADV551-P00 S2 KS1*B MRI-234*B AIP827-2 S1 AAI143-H00 S1 AIP512 PW482-S01 SB401-10 S1 ADV551-P03 S2 NP53*A AMM12T S2 F3RP45-2P/L1 AAT141-S00 S2 NP53*C AFV10D S2 AAI543-S00 S1 SR1B-045N-1KC

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    April 12, 2024

    Thanks to our know-how of a wide range of industrial components, we are able to achieve a continuous improvement in the supply of products and services in terms of price, quality and time.     AMIKON 100% SATISFACTION   We believe that professional component knowledge is priceless. With more than 15 years of experience in the international sales team, we can help you solve industrial spare parts or avoid problems that threaten your unit operation.       AMIKON EXPERTISE   Time is money, especially when your equipment is down. We work quickly to get your equipment on its way so you can get back up and running.       AMIKON TRUST GUARANTEED   Not only de we have a vast inventory, our team makes sure every piece of equipment is in working condition.      We serve the Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Distribution, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, Pharmaceuticals,  Factory Automation, Packaging, Food & Beverage industries.  We serve any industries has the concept of automation by any means. Our services range from supplying spare parts new We strive to provide the manufacturing sector with unsurpassed service from which we create value that enhances the success of our client’s businesses.     Our focus is to assist our clients to retain the healthy condition of their machinery in a very short time and to minimize the breakdown losses. Breakdowns are one of the most common causes of efficiency loss in manufacturing, and a lack of availability of machine spare parts eventually leads to production losses. We support our clients in their total productive maintenance approach with additional value added products and services. No matter what electro-mechanical process or manufacturing systems you are running, we are committed to provide customized and cost effective solutions.     +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585   Hot selling models XMTC-62-21 IS220YDIAS1A IC694MDL645D DS200SLCCG1ACC XMTC-6C-11 IS220YAICS1A IS420ESWAH1A DS200SLCCG1AEE GS9208/IR2 IS220YDOAS1A IS420ESWAH3A 531X305NTBANG1 IC697ALG320 IS220YAICS1A ES5DP33 720007 DS200KLDBG1ABC IC200CPU005 IS220YDOAS1A DS200SDCIG1AHB DS200PCCAG7ACB IC695ACC412 XMTC-62-11-0 DS200SDCIG2ABA DS200PCCAG8ACB DS215SDCCG1A IS220PPDAH1B DS200SDCIG2AGB DS200SDCCG1AEB IC694ALG221A IS420UCSBH3A DS200SDCIG1ABA DS200SHVMG1ACC IC694MDL645A IS220PPRFH1B DS200SHVMG1AFE DS200TCPSG1ARE

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    April 07, 2024

    Amikon is committed to becoming recognized worldwide as the most reliable, knowledgeable and pleasant partner to work with. This translates to our "a deal is a deal" attitude, unique knowledge and great customer service.    Why Choose amikon?   The reason is simple. We offer the best value on quality industrial equipment covered by industry leading buyer protection. In other words, we guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked. If you find a better price elsewhere, we will beat it – Guaranteed.   Amikon specialize in providing our clients with sustainable solutions for highly sought after new and used industrial equipment. We do so by partnering with businesses from various sectors, including Pulp and Paper, Oil and Petro-Chemical, Energy, Food Processing, and Mining,    While providing the industry with an economical source to industrial equipment.   Amikon ambition is to be “Exemplar” .   Between 25,000 and 100,000 products can be delivered from our central warehouses to customers in less than 24 hours at the location of their choice.   We seek out the electrical material and technical solutions offered by manufacturers that are best suited to demand in our markets. After selecting them, we make those products and solutions available to our customers in the right place, at the right time—and at the right price. And our logistics expertise developed through our distribution network makes for swift, effective, and reliable delivery of those high-quality products.     +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585   Hot selling models TC520 3BSE001449R1 TC625 3BSE002224R1 DSSS171 3BSE005003R1 HENF327993R0100 P4LF SA610 3BHT300019R1 TC630 3BSE002253R1 HENF209568R0001 P3LB HENF209709R0001 P4LK DI651 3BHT300026R1 DO630 3BHT300007R1 HENF209556R0002 P1LA DSBC173A 3BSE005883R1 SB510 3BSE000860R1 SB510 3BSE000860R1 HENF209568R0001 P3LB DSBC173A 3BSE005883R1 DI840 3BSE020836R1 CI531 3BSE003825R1 1KHL016009R0001 G4AK HENF331270R0001 O4LCA AO810 3BSE008522R1 CI540 3BSE001077R1 HENF209651R0001 P3LD PM510V16 3BSE008358R1 SCYC55830 58063282 CI543 3BSE010699R1 1KHJ044010R0001 P4LG PM510V08 3BSE008373R1 CI546 3BSE012545R1 TC520 3BSE001449R1 HENF209644R0007 G4AA HENF331395R0001 P4LDA SA610 3BHT300019R1 DI651 3BHT300026R1 HENF209544R0005 G4AC 3BHE003855R0001 UNS2882A  

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  • Amikon provide what you need
    Amikon provide what you need
    March 30, 2024

    We keep your old equipment running.   What model or part number do you need?   Easily search our vast inventory to meet all your needs.   Discuss related parts issues with our SALES. Fast shipping to reduce downtime.       We believe expertise is priceless. With many years of experience and an excellent SALES team, we can help you solve the problem of spare parts.   Not only do we carry a large inventory, but our team ensures every piece of equipment is in working order. Your purchase is also backed by our warranty.   Time is money, especially when equipment breaks down. We work quickly to get your equipment up and running so you can get back up and running.       Let our team help with your next buying need. At Amikon we understand that getting the right parts at the right time is critical to your operation.   We stock a large range of genuine OEM parts from all major industrial automation manufacturers. Processing and shipping can be expedited to meet your mission-critical requirements.   Our products and services offer excellent value because our focus is on providing you with solutions that meet your needs and provide complete satisfaction.       Amikon has earned a reputation for consistently delivering excellent service and we value our customers.   Amikon has always been committed to providing customers with completely satisfactory services. Our highly competitive pricing, knowledgeable marketing personnel, and efficient warehouse staff ensure complete customer satisfaction.     Because we are an independent, broadly stocked distributor, we offer flexible solutions for purchasing.   Our main focus is to provide the components required to complete the inquiry and save the customer the time and effort of sourcing multiple suppliers.   Due to the continuous updating of technology, we also provide our valued users with the latest spare parts ordering to help users find/discontinue obsolete parts that are difficult to find. This allows you to browse our product lines as needed.     +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585   Hot selling models K2LCN-8 T2798I-1000 FC-TSAO-0220M 8C-PAIN01 51454356-175 FTA-T-02 FF-SRS59252 942-M0A-2D-1G1-220S MU-PLAM02 51304362-100 620-0036 51305776-100 ACX633 51196655-100 MC-TDOY22 51204162-175 TC-PPD011 51309355-001 CC-PAON01 51410070-175 T921D-1008  T921D 1008 621-9940C 51401583-100 DC-PDIL51 51454818-175 CC-TCF901 51308301-175 TC-IXR061 51305348-100 8C-PCNT02 51454363-275 MC-TAMR03 51309218-175 TK-PRS021 51305072-100 MU-TAIH02 51304453-100 MC-TAMT03 51309223-175 621-2100R 51196653-100 8C-PDODA1 5145...

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  • Amikon Industrial Automation Sales
    Amikon Industrial Automation Sales
    March 23, 2024

    The Sales Team at amikon  is constantly scanning the web to ensure we are offering the lowest prices possible.   However, if you think we can do better, feel free to make an offer on any of our products.   We pride ourselves on saving you money!        Product Locator  no hassle search   Since 2009 hard-to-find OEM replacement parts has been our focus and strength.    At amikon we eliminate long and frustrating equipment searches. We do all the work for you so you can focus on your job.       Equipment Advice pre-sales support   Let our team of experts assist you with your next purchase requirement. At amikon we understand that getting the right part, at the right time, is critically important to your operation.     Replacement Parts vast selection   We stock a huge selection of genuine OEM parts and systems from all major industrial automation manufacturers. Expedited processing and shipping available for to meet your mission-critical requirements.       We carry many obsolete and hard to find products:   ✓ ABB Advant OCS   ✓ ABB Bailey INFI 90   ✓ ABB H&B Contronic   ✓ ABB MOD 300   ✓ ABB Procontic   ✓ ABB Procontrol P13    ✓ Allen-Bradley PLC 5   ✓ Moore APACS and QUADLOG   ✓ Rosemount RS-3   ✓ Siemens Iskamatic   ✓ Siemens Simadyn   ✓ Siemens Teleperm   ✓ Siemens Texas Instruments   Large inventory with over 20,000 products:   50,000 customers located in 155 countries   amikon cater to over 50,000 customers located in 155 countries worldwide.    Dedicated account managers and after sales support teams mean that you are kept constantly informed, and any queries are answered by a native speaking member of staff.      Outstanding  Value quality   service   solution   Our products and services provide outstanding value as our focus is to provide you with a solution to meet your demand and deliver to complete satisfaction.     +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585   Hot selling models KJ4001X1-CA1 12P0623X072 PR6424/000-040 CON021 KC3011X1-BA1 12P6749X042 PR6423/000-131 CON041 KJ4001X1-CC1 12P0733X032 PR6424/000-100 CON021 KC3020X1-BA1 12P6732X092 PR6423/002-000 CON021 KJ4001X1-CC1 12P0733X042 PR6424/000-121 CON041 KC4011X1-BM1 12P6884X052 PR6423/002-031 CON041 KJ4001X1-CG1 12P1812X042 PR6424/000-121 CON041 KC4011X1-BQ1 12P6892X042 PR6423/002-121 CON041 KJ4001X1-CH1 12P1811X032 PR6424/002-130 CON021 KJ1501X1-BB1 12P0678X042 PR6423/002-131 CON021 KJ4001X1-HC1 12P0831X072 PR6424/003-030 CON021 KJ15...

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  • Amikon Global Presence
    Amikon Global Presence
    March 16, 2024

    Repository of the NEW     We can reduce your lead-time and save you money.   Take advantage of our library of critical industrial automation and control parts.   Rapid Response to your Request-For-Quote   Customized to Suit Your Needs   Unmatched Flexibility and Service   We have been working within the field of industrial automation since 2009. We primarily supply companies around the world with automation spare parts that are no longer available from the manufacturers. Our stock that holds 92 000 units is located and includes Control Systems (DCS, PLC, )                   Panel Controllers   HMI and Display Panels   Drives   Servo Motors   Encoders and Resolvers   Power Supplies     We stock parts from more than 320 different manufacturers. We maintain a large in-house inventory and also work as a distributor with a number of suppliers to bring you the best solution for your needs. If we don't have what you need in stock request a quote, we can often find it for you.         Our focus complies with companies of following sectors:   Chemical Industries   Marine and Shipbuilding   Machine Building   Metals Industry   Food processing machinery   Pharmaceutical Iindustry   Cement Industry   Automobile Industry       amikon are committed to supporting the need of the industries globally for any industrial automation products and process control instruments by eliminating high cost, monitoring market requirement and reducing uncertainty and complexity in system.     amikon are continuously expanding and calibrating our inventory and resources in order to meet the harshest challenges and requirement via stock diversification and efficient inventory control. If you need it now we can probably ship it immediately.     amikon stock a variety of parts and to serve the urgent need in critical time or in time of unexpected breakdown. This ensures that your capital is not tied up unnecessarily and help to protect production if problems arise with the normal supply chains.      +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585   Hot selling models A6210 960177-02 KJ3001X1-BB1 12P0550X142 KJ4001X1-NA1 12P3373X022 A6220 PR9350/02 KJ3001X1-BJ1 12P0555X152 KJ4002X1-BF2 12P3866X012 A6120 1X00781H01L KJ3002X1-BA1 12P0680X122 KJ4001X1-NB1 12P3368X022 A6410 PR9376/010-011 KJ3002X1-BB1 12P0683X082 KJ3222X1-BA1 12P2533X152 A6824 ES0350.M1A05L.27N0 KJ3002X1-BG2 12P1731X062 KJ3223X1-BA1 12P2871X022 A6560 EN-204 EN-204-00-000 KJ3002X1-BC1 12P0681X092 KJ3203X1-B...

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  • Happy Women’s Day
    Happy Women’s Day
    March 08, 2024

    Today is International Women’s Day.   It is the day to remember women leaders and women’s rights activists who advocated for gender equality and gender justice.   After UNGA’s (United Nations General Assembly) mandate in 1977, every year 8th March is observed as International Women’s Day.   Since its inception, International Women’s Day continues to serve as a forum to bring attention to the larger discourse of inclusivity, gender parity, and women’s rights talk.   Happy Women’s Day!        +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585     Hot selling models T9110 3500/22-01-01-01 330730-080-00-00 3500/32M 149986-02 330180-51-00 3500/15-07-07-00 330730-080-00-05 3500/22M 138607-01 3500/32-01-01 3500/25-01-01-00 86517-01-01-01-CN 3500/42M 176449-02 3500/42-01-00 3500/92-04-01-00 3500/61 136711-02 330105-02-12-10-02-00 3500/32-01-00 3500/15-05-05-00 3500/92 136180-01 330102-00-35-10-02-00 3500/50M-01-00 3500/22-01-01-00 3500/33 149986-01 330106-05-30-10-02-00 177230-01-01-05 3500/92-02-01-00 3500/32 125712-01 3500/05-01-01-00-00-01 330130-085-02-00 330130-080-01-05 3500/25 149369-01 3500/61-02-00 163179-02 330130-040-03-00 330130-080-02-05 3500/40M 176449-01 330703-000-070-10-02-00

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  • Why Choose amikon?
    Why Choose amikon?
    March 02, 2024

    With established sales and technical support network coverage across the world amikon offer greater reach, flexibility and responsiveness.     Amikon global supplier of excitation system spare part With an effective stock of ABB Excitation cards/parts, amikon has the ability to support end users who need parts to keep their obsolete panels operational. amikon also stocks and supplies parts for running models.       Risk reduction of outdated spare parts and components   Spare parts availability at minimal cost    amikon are engaged in offering our prestigious clients a very highly superior quality range of Excitation parts . Our range is known for its excellent quality and highly admired by the clients in all over the nation. Our range is available at market's leading price.       Market and Industry we serve:   Power, Nuclear, oil and gas, refiner, petrochemical, Marine and Shipyard ,Airport ,Fossil-fuel, Hydro-electric, hydro power plants , water utility, Mining, fertilizer, Cement ,paper ,steel ,Glass , Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and chemical , etc        Why Choose amikon?   The reason is simple. We offer the best value on quality industrial equipment covered by industry leading buyer protection.        The Sales Team at amikon is constantly scanning the web to ensure we are offering the lowest prices possible.   However, if you think we can do better, feel free to make an offer on any of our products.   We pride ourselves on saving you money! Here is how to make an offer.   The Offers Team does its best to respond to offers in a timely manner. Typical turn-around time for an offer is 24 hours. If you have a question about how to make an offer, or about an offer you've made; feel free to contact us, and one of our Customer Support Reps will be happy to assist you.        +86 18030132585                        +86 18030132585                                   ZXD18030132585       Hot selling models UR8FH IS220PD0AH1A IS220PTCCH1A IS200TRPGH1BDE IC660HHM501 IS220PTCCH1A IS220PSVOH1A IS200TRLYH1BGG IC693ALG392 IS220PVIBH1A IS200VTCCH1CBB IC754VSI12CTD-KJ IC200ALG264E IS230STCIH4A IS420UCECH1B-A 336A4940DNP516TX IS420PPNGH1A IS200TBCIH3C DS200TCQCG1BJF 336A4940DNP517FX IS220UCSAH1A IS200TSVCH1A IS200SRTDH2ABB 0552N1QLG132A-01 853-172404-101 IS420ESWBH3A IS200TRLYH1B IS200SPROH1ABC DS200TCDAG1BFD DS215TCDAG1BZZ01A IS220PAICH1A IS220PTURH1A IS200SPROH1ADD IS420ESWBH1A IS420ESWBH2A IS420ESWBH3A  

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